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Scary Foreigners are a Dresden-based 4-piece band hailing from three different countries. With the combination of Scottish, Algerian/French, and American backgrounds, Scary Foreigners cover a range of tunes and styles, and add political humor as well, proving that foreigners aren’t really scary at all.

Scary Foreigners are available for clubs, festivals, weddings, corporate events, private parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, children’s birthday parties, parking lot closings, left wing & progressive political events, right wing & conservative douchebag political events, funerals, circumcisions, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, christenings, bar & bat mitzvahs, yoga & meditation retreats, Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, bullfights, bar fights, public hangings & disembowelings, virgin & animal sacrifices, amputations, exorcisms, gaslightings, fecal transplants, mustache waxings, and clinical drug trials.

Tim's comments from March 2018 on how the band got its name can be found here.

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Greg Davis was born in Oxford, England, and raised in Durham, North Carolina, USA. The product of a musical family, he began playing the violin at age 5 and decided at age 13 that the electric guitar was a much cooler instrument. First rock music, then onto jazz which he studied at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Jazz combos, jazz composition and arranging, and three years in a 20-piece big band that toured Europe, including a gig at the North Sea jazz festival. This pivotal experience eventually resulted in his decision to move to Europe. The piano came into the picture in the mid ‘90s, and after 6 years of touring in a progressive rock band (Ergot), a few tours with Claude Coleman Jr. of Ween, and stints in various other groups, he was ready to offer his strangely appropriate musical outbursts to Scary Foreigners. Greg also plays various instruments in other local Dresden bands including The Voltz Brothers, Seau Volant, and the Slingshots.

Scary Foreigners Band

Iain McKay:
“what..? here?...ok, what should I say….what?...about me? Aw feck off…who wants to know…what?....really?....oh ok…if I have to….”
Crushingly normal lower-middle class upbringing in a commuter village outside of Paisley, Jockland (Scotland, for the uninitiated). Heard the opening to Zeppelin’s Rock n Roll and decided he wanted to do that too. Progressed through “Church Hall” bands to eventually hitting the big time of Glasgow scene. Played with best mate Mikey “wee mee” Kinsella in The Colour Wheel, who were big-fish-small-pond types, as well as various singers, artists and bands between London and Glasgow. Ended up supporting Crowded House on their Woodface tour, Van Morrison at Fleadh and producing a very well received album that sold zilch.
Still gets a buzz when he hears the opening of Stargazer and doesn’t punch so many people in the face….which is nice.

Scary Foreigners Band

Tim Cross is from (long story short) Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. After dropping out of university he spent several years wandering aimlessly and doing stupid jobs throughout western North America from Prudhoe Bay to Oaxaca. He settled in Denver in 1985, where he started studying contrabass under the tutelage of the venerable and hilarious Mary Stribling. After moving to Boulder in 1989, he performed and recorded with Julie Hoest, played in the Longmont Symphony for a while, was a founding member of Laughing Hands and Girls On Top!, and played in a number of short-lived jazz ensembles. In 2001 he moved to Dresden. Since then he's played with the New Town Swing Orchestra, Pangaea Trio, Hot Buttered Grits, Mongrel Blues Band, Quick & Dirty, and Enough Rope. He still performs with Four Blues Band, Unlimited Blues, Lutz Kowalewski and the Red Rugs, and The Voltz Brothers. He and his wife have two cats.

Scary Foreigners Band

Quite the late-bloomer in many facets of the human experience, Christoball started to get in touch with music at the age of 16. While his youthful plans to allure the opposite sex by serenade hardly bore fruit, the strong bond that immediately formed between him and his guitar "Bettsie" keeps on culminating in all the more romantic antics. Ever since their love was officially institutionalized by the University of Mainz and the HfM Dresden, they aren't shy to display their ongoing honeymoon phase in projects like Christoball & die Koketterie, Koffergrammophon, Klezmeresque, and most recently Scary Foreigners. His civilian name was ultimately lost in translation when he started to play music with Chilean instrumentalists he met during his musicology studies in Maguncia. Whenever he introduced himself as Christoph Ball, the only response he encountered was: "Mucho gusto, Christoball.".

Scary Foreigners Band

Emeritus Guitarist (January 2018-May 2020)

Farid Ben Miles was born in Paris, France to Algerian parents. He started learning the classical guitar at 6 years old, and continued until university. Once there, he discovered the world of electric guitar and jumped into it. He went to Boston and started to learn jazz with David Fiuczynski of the Screaming Headless Torsos. He continued his education at the University of New Orleans for a year. After he came back to Europe, he played in several bands of many genres before he started digging into the oud and bouzouki worlds, playing and recording for different projects.
You can find out about Farid's solo acoustic program here.

Scary Foreigners Band


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Jazzclub Tonne

  • Celebrating Tag der deutschen Einheit! Wir sind ALLE das Volk!
  • Dresden, Germany // 3 October 2020
  • Jazzclub Tonne

Blue Note Dresden

  • Celebrating Donald Trump's defeat in the November 3rd US election!
  • Dresden, Germany // 7 November 2020
  • Blue Note Dresden



Livestream from Blue Note 20:30 CEST (still available on YouTube)

Bandstand Festival

  • Hellerau // 15 February 2020


Blue Note

  • Dresden, Germany // 16 November 2019

Groovestation, Shampoo Show (with Standard Crow Behavior)

  • Dresden, Germany // 8 October 2019

Weinfest Meissen

  • Meissen, Germany // 28 September 2019


  • Freital, Germany // 6 September 2019


  • Dresden, Germany // 25 August 2019


  • Dresden, Germany // 23 August 2019

Inselfest Laubegast

  • Laubegast, Germany // 10 August 2019

Bunte Republik Neustadt Festival

  • Dresden, Germany // 15 June 2019

Blue Note

  • Dresden, Germany // 8 June 2019

Stadtfest Heidenau

  • Heidenau, Germany // 11 May 2019

GrooveStation (with Allen-Forrester Band)

  • Dresden // 18 March 2019

Blue Note

  • Dresden // 9 March 2019

Blue Note

  • Dresden // 11 January 2019



  • Dresden // 17 November 2018

Bunte Republik Neustadt Festival

  • Dresden // 17 June 2018

Riesa Efau

  • Dresden // 14 June 2018

Riesa Efau

  • Dresden // 12 April 2018